Business Planning

Sit down one on one with our Director of Development to discuss your goals, plans, and strategies for your real estate sales business. Walk away with a financial and operational model, and know exactly what your daily activities need to be to hit your goal.


The next step is to use training as a tool to master the basic fundamentals and develop your skills. We think training should be ongoing throughout your career, and so we offer 1-2 training classes every day.


Our weekly accountability groups are open to motivated agents who are willing to set weekly goals and report on their progress and success. These groups help you increase your business by staying in a productive and positive mindset, and focusing on vital activities.


Brainstorming sessions with productive agents - it doesn’t get much better than this. Our monthly mastermind sessions keep you tethered to the ground in an industry that can often make you feel like you’re floating alone in space (think Sandra Bullock in Gravity). Get helpful tips, learn about the market, and find out what’s working and what’s not.